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4 Movements to Perform When Starting Your Powerlifting Career

While everyone wants to get in his major goal of becoming a powerlifting expert, the truth is that there’s a lot journey to reach that level and since we are starting off by showing you the best methods and how to get quicker to your goal of becoming a pro in powerlifting.

For that, we are going to teach you the path on becoming a powerlifting master so you can finally start your career properly, since you are starting out and you are a rookie in this subject of powerlifting, the best way you can start is with these fundamental movements that will help you out in all moments of your powerlifting career.

Let’s start off by saying that if you need to power your career as a powerlifter you must have the right mindset, and get yourself to the gym daily. The movements that we are going to teach you are fundamental, yes. But you first need to know that you need the right diet and balance so they can really work properly, as well as sticking in your routine and be responsible in the gym.

Basic Lifts

This you might already know, but saying it again won’t hurt. Squatting, deadlift and bench are a must in your everyday routine in the gym and you need to have it and practice it every time you think of starting off your day in the gym.

These movements are 2-3 times a week, with less than four sets, you are alright. Something we must pinpoint is that you shouldn’t worry to add too much weight since you can see these exercises as a way to warm up, and improve your focus and coordination when you are about to lift since these elements are incredibly important when we talk about powerlifting.

Bench Press

Let’s start right away with the upper part of your body (upper body) if we want to get all pumped up we need to start with one of the most important exercises for any powerlifter, that’s it the bench press.

Chest, shoulders, and triceps would be the main attention of each execution you make with the weights. Please remember that you need to have the right posture and your entire body tight. Having your elbows always tucked is the perfect way to make a great bench press, making it quite great to start your powerlifting routine in the gym.

Bent-Over Throw

Upper middle back is the main focus on this movement, and with this exercise, you can start improving your strength at the moment of deadlifting. Keep in mind that this movement can be tough for beginners, but that’s the fun of it. And once you dominated if you can truly understand the importance of the middle back that you are working.


While Lunges can be seen as an ignored exercise, they are quite important for building strength in your legs, with each routine, try to add one of these exercises and you’ll see the change, as well with the squats and deadlift that are required to have the perfect legs for a powerlifting expert.

With these 4 tips on movements for your routine, you can finally start working off and make the gains that you deserve. Remember to train responsibly and have a great attitude in the gym. Stick with your routine and the program and you’ll see results in no time.Trust us.


The 3 Major Weightlifting Events to Be Aware Of

After being first introduced in the Olympics back in the year 1986, weightlifting has been one of the most popular sports around the world. By making their entrance in a lot of sports events, now there are plenty of events dedicated exclusively for weightlifting.

Without further ado, let’s see the most interesting and biggest weightlifting events around the globe the team of Houston IWF gathered, and what makes them so unique and amazing.

World Olympics

olympics - The 3 Major Weightlifting Events to Be Aware Of

We knew that the World Olympics would end up in this list. Being the most important event in sports history and being a crucial part for the union of the different countries around the world. The Olympics bring a lot of interesting and great sport with the best athletes around the world.

With this said, weightlifting has made its entry in these Events and has made a profound change at what we see in the Olympics today. With multiples categories and weights, the bravest athletes from each country face up in this event and compete for a gold medal.

American Open Series

lifting competition - The 3 Major Weightlifting Events to Be Aware Of

With this being a major event in weightlifting, it centers in the continent of America, and with multiple series and a compilation of multiples competitions, we’ll see the best athletes and weightlifters face to qualify for the biggest event in weightlifting.

USA Powerlifting

woman lifting - The 3 Major Weightlifting Events to Be Aware Of

Of course, we can’t talk about the biggest powerlifting events of the world without mentioning the biggest one in America, being focused for an organization committed to eradicating drugs from the sport, and this is one of the most prestigious events for a powerlifting expert.

Host by the famous movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, this event holds the attention of many interested athletes each year.

These major events will keep you at The Edge with their amazing performances and shows of raw energy in each lift they make. Remember these events are perfect to gather some important data if you are a fan of betting.


The Live Guide – Weightlifting Betting 101

Weightlifting is a sport that consists on lifting all the weight you can lift in a bar where there are different discs that control the final amount of weight you lifted. And believe it or not, it’s a sport that receives many bets worldwide, including one of the most famous athletics sports.

The weightlifting world championship began to be held since 1891 by the International Weightlifting Federation, except for the years that the Olympic Games are celebrated. And during these events, these types of bets are increasing.

In the world of Weightlifting betting, there are different types of bets that you can make and you should know if you want to try to invest in this type of sport. These are some of the best tips Houston IWF found it could be helpful for you.

Bet H2H

office - The Live Guide - Weightlifting Betting 101

In this bet, it’s based on betting which of the weightlifters will finish with the highest score in the table. For this type of bets, it’s recommended to bet on the athletes who arrive in better condition and have had a better performance.

Bet the winner

gym training - The Live Guide - Weightlifting Betting 101

This type of bet you will have to choose which of all the weightlifters will be the one that will win the championship or tournament in particular. This type of bet is usually the most common and most chosen by the bettors.

Betting on the Top 3

lifting heavy - The Live Guide - Weightlifting Betting 101

This is one of the most ambiguous and open bets that exist. Here you simply have to choose a participant that you think can be in any position in the Top 3. Stay tuned with the tournaments and events in order to have more data to use.

But being a bit of the easiest, the amount of money that the winner perceives will not be as much as in any of the others, because it’s something weak. On the other hand, if you bet on a competitor who isn’t in the favorites, you will undoubtedly earn a lot more money.

Way to Bet

using laptop - The Live Guide - Weightlifting Betting 101

To get to bet on this type of sports, you must first familiarize yourself with the competition, its competitors, objectives, and much more. Especially about the performance that the competitors have been giving lately in order to know in what kind of physical and mental state they will arrive.

Something very important is to know how the competitor is currently doing, that means, not only confess as it was in previous competitions, you must also focus first as you currentlyare.

The use of social networks or Google will help you a lot to inform you about the competitors that will be participating in the world competition or in the Olympic Games, you can even find videos of their performance, their records and much more.

And finally, the resistance, it’s the most fundamental in this particular competition, not only physical but also mental, so you should make sure that both training and preparation leads your favorite competitor and if you’re in shape, and you should also notice if you know how to work under pressure in the tournaments or when facing any competitor.


4 Cool Powerlifting Events in the United States

Powerlifting has become in one of the best sports in America. Since bodybuilding and other competitions were manpower and the exposition of pure strength was the focus. Powerlifting has really broken all the molds and shows that you can show your true power by lifting the heaviest bars and measure your strength.

Since this incredible sport has reached the Olympics and other interesting sports events. Is great to know that powerlifting has already events of their own, and they are quite stunning here in the United States of America.

With this in mind, let’s take a good look at what are the best powerlifting events in the United States and why you definitely can’t miss them.

Usa Powerlifting

You might know the movie star Arnold S.,known for his role in movies like Predator and Conan the barbarian. Well, an interesting detail about this movie star is that he used to be a bodybuilder and a powerlifting expert, that’s why he’s so devoted to keep USA Powerlifting on float and make it the best event in powerlifting in America.

With more than 18.000 members that are committed to the event and the cause that they represent that is keep away drugs from sports. They have made famous thanks to their amazing events that have more than 30 years running in America, making it the oldest and biggest event in powerlifting of the world.

A7 Bar Grip Pro

Another important event in Powerlifting, since the winners of this event will have the honor of participating in USA Powerlifting, while they have to achieve a great score in order to qualify, here we can see the potential participants of the biggest event of the year, as well a great spectacle and showoff of the best powerlifting experts in the area.

SSPnutrition Pro Bench Championship

In this event, we’ll see the best benchers face off in a competition where the best powerlifter takes all home, with great cash prizes and the opportunity to strike the set IPF world records. Is a remarkable event that anyone should go and see with their own eyes since they show the best benchers of the country.

Bodybuilding.Com Pro Deadlift

You might recognize the blog since is one of the famous websites that talks about powerlifting and bodybuilding on the internet, with this being said is common to think that they hold their own event, where only the pro deadlift experts face each other to see who takes the big prize.

Is great to see these multiples events happening around our country, and with powerlifting being an entertaining sport to see and appreciate, you totally have to assist and watch the best of the best lifting enormous quantities of weight for the love of the sport.


6 Things I should’ve known before Betting on Weightlifting

The Weightlifting is an athletic sport of the most difficult that exists, where the person must prepare much physically and mentally as it works with mental strength, in the muscles and arms. In case you’re interested in betting, here we will leave you some things everyone should’ve known before betting on weightlifting:


You must make a review through magazines, websites or any report on television or internet, to become more familiar with the sport if you want to bet, and especially with competitors to know what kind of performance each one has and which one you will choose.

This is important because you can know in what conditions the athletes are, if they come with an injury and if it could affect them, as they’re physically and mentally prepared and much more.

Types Of Competition

In Weightlifting, there are two modalities of competition, the snatch that’s when the weights are raised without any interruption from the ground to above the head with arms outstretched; and clean and jerk, which is the same, but there is only a small pause when the bar is at shoulder level to finish raising them.

Online Bets

Currently, with the great influence that exists on the internet, online bets have also been created.

If you’re interested in trying this method, start subscribing to a totally reliable bookmaker. There you can get the diversity of notifications related to Weightlifting and best of all is that it’s free.

You Must Be Sure

To make an investment that generates good results in Weightlifting, you must try to be sure that you’re going to trust and bet if they’re well prepared to compete if they’re good if they have resistance and many other things that can influence.

Web Pages

There are also many websites where you can access and even explain everything about how to bet on all sports that exist, and Weightlifting being one of the not so popular but if seen at a global level, you can have this kind of support for help you in anything you need.

Responsibly Bet

This is something very important and necessary to mention. Many times we have seen how people close to our environment begin as a hobby in gambling and then end up developing a gambling addiction and dependence that really isn’t healthy.

That’s why you must be very careful and be responsible for everything you’re going to do. If you want to bet, it’s because you want to risk or have a little fun and get the positive side, not because you develop a need driven practically by the obsession to keep playing to win.

This sport was developed in Europe during the 19th century and at the beginning of 1900 the International Weightlifting Federation was founded, one of the oldest and most followed worldwide until today. So if you’re interested, these tips will be of great help.

All games can be very fun and we can get to enjoy them, but if we really do it in a healthy way without having to lose control or sanity for the desire to feel of betting. So try to do more to have fun or experiment, and stay on top of any excess.

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