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houstoniwf2015 about - About Us

My name is Douglas Dillon, I’m 35 years old and I’m a professional in the sciences of physical activity, also known as “personal trainer”, and specialized in the area of nutrition.

Since I was little I loved sports, I was very hyperactive and always was playing soccer, baseball and more. When I started high school my passion for sports increased much more, he being even a player in different teams of the school and in the university in football.

And being so active, I knew that I wanted a related profession. And that’s how I discovered my dream job. After being more than 8 years of teaching, training and much more, I also wanted to start a new project related to my profession.

That’s why Houston IWF was born, after some time to prepare everything that would be in the content of the page, about the creation of the same and more. Houston IWF is a place where you will find everything related to the fitness world but focused as a lifestyle.

You can find exercise routines, advices and many other things. But especially everything what it has to do with powerlifting, CrossFit and more. In case of wanting to undertake a great adventure as it’s to lead a healthy lifestyle but also doing some practices for hobby or professionally to help you exercise, this page is the ideal for you.