gym trainer - Events

At a global level, various congresses and personal trainer events are held where the most prepared people in the area attend to provide new knowledge, techniques and much more.

One of the biggest and most recognized events is the National Personal Training Congress held annually in Madrid, Spain. During the month of March 2019, the next Congress will be held on the terraces of the Chamartin station in Madrid.

It’s a unique opportunity to acquire more professional experience, both theoretically and practically. You can surround yourself with a lot of people who have the same profession or related and also observe the various investigations, jobs, studies and much more that will be exposed.

Some of the speakers who will be at the Congress are a diversity of the most-recognized professionals in the area in Spain, like Fernando Martin, who has a Ph.D. in Sports Science, is a professor at the University of Valencia.

He also has a master’s degree in Sports Management and Marketing, Cineanthropometry and Sports Nutrition. He has made more than 20 scientific publications and much more.

Jose Vidal is another of the speakers, who is well known for being the president of the Spanish Sports Coaching Association (AECODE) and CEO of SEA and has a master’s degree in High Performance, Physiotherapy & Fitness Manager at Sha Wellness clinic.

Diego Moya is in charge of exhibiting on “Marketing and Sales for the personal trainer”. He’s the CEO of Entrenarme and has a Ph.D. in Sports Science with International Mention in the United States.

Lastly, Santi Liébana is the organizer of the Wellness and EF Balearic Congress and is the IIDCA ambassador, an experience that would be very worthwhile.