4 Cool Powerlifting Events in the United States

Powerlifting has become in one of the best sports in America. Since bodybuilding and other competitions were manpower and the exposition of pure strength was the focus. Powerlifting has really broken all the molds and shows that you can show your true power by lifting the heaviest bars and measure your strength.

Since this incredible sport has reached the Olympics and other interesting sports events. Is great to know that powerlifting has already events of their own, and they are quite stunning here in the United States of America.

With this in mind, let’s take a good look at what are the best powerlifting events in the United States and why you definitely can’t miss them.

Usa Powerlifting

You might know the movie star Arnold S.,known for his role in movies like Predator and Conan the barbarian. Well, an interesting detail about this movie star is that he used to be a bodybuilder and a powerlifting expert, that’s why he’s so devoted to keep USA Powerlifting on float and make it the best event in powerlifting in America.

With more than 18.000 members that are committed to the event and the cause that they represent that is keep away drugs from sports. They have made famous thanks to their amazing events that have more than 30 years running in America, making it the oldest and biggest event in powerlifting of the world.

A7 Bar Grip Pro

Another important event in Powerlifting, since the winners of this event will have the honor of participating in USA Powerlifting, while they have to achieve a great score in order to qualify, here we can see the potential participants of the biggest event of the year, as well a great spectacle and showoff of the best powerlifting experts in the area.

SSPnutrition Pro Bench Championship

In this event, we’ll see the best benchers face off in a competition where the best powerlifter takes all home, with great cash prizes and the opportunity to strike the set IPF world records. Is a remarkable event that anyone should go and see with their own eyes since they show the best benchers of the country.

Bodybuilding.Com Pro Deadlift

You might recognize the blog Bodybuilding.com since is one of the famous websites that talks about powerlifting and bodybuilding on the internet, with this being said is common to think that they hold their own event, where only the pro deadlift experts face each other to see who takes the big prize.

Is great to see these multiples events happening around our country, and with powerlifting being an entertaining sport to see and appreciate, you totally have to assist and watch the best of the best lifting enormous quantities of weight for the love of the sport.

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