4 Movements to Perform When Starting Your Powerlifting Career

While everyone wants to get in his major goal of becoming a powerlifting expert, the truth is that there’s a lot journey to reach that level and since we are starting off by showing you the best methods and how to get quicker to your goal of becoming a pro in powerlifting.

For that, we are going to teach you the path on becoming a powerlifting master so you can finally start your career properly, since you are starting out and you are a rookie in this subject of powerlifting, the best way you can start is with these fundamental movements that will help you out in all moments of your powerlifting career.

Let’s start off by saying that if you need to power your career as a powerlifter you must have the right mindset, and get yourself to the gym daily. The movements that we are going to teach you are fundamental, yes. But you first need to know that you need the right diet and balance so they can really work properly, as well as sticking in your routine and be responsible in the gym.

Basic Lifts

This you might already know, but saying it again won’t hurt. Squatting, deadlift and bench are a must in your everyday routine in the gym and you need to have it and practice it every time you think of starting off your day in the gym.

These movements are 2-3 times a week, with less than four sets, you are alright. Something we must pinpoint is that you shouldn’t worry to add too much weight since you can see these exercises as a way to warm up, and improve your focus and coordination when you are about to lift since these elements are incredibly important when we talk about powerlifting.

Bench Press

Let’s start right away with the upper part of your body (upper body) if we want to get all pumped up we need to start with one of the most important exercises for any powerlifter, that’s it the bench press.

Chest, shoulders, and triceps would be the main attention of each execution you make with the weights. Please remember that you need to have the right posture and your entire body tight. Having your elbows always tucked is the perfect way to make a great bench press, making it quite great to start your powerlifting routine in the gym.

Bent-Over Throw

Upper middle back is the main focus on this movement, and with this exercise, you can start improving your strength at the moment of deadlifting. Keep in mind that this movement can be tough for beginners, but that’s the fun of it. And once you dominated if you can truly understand the importance of the middle back that you are working.


While Lunges can be seen as an ignored exercise, they are quite important for building strength in your legs, with each routine, try to add one of these exercises and you’ll see the change, as well with the squats and deadlift that are required to have the perfect legs for a powerlifting expert.

With these 4 tips on movements for your routine, you can finally start working off and make the gains that you deserve. Remember to train responsibly and have a great attitude in the gym. Stick with your routine and the program and you’ll see results in no time.Trust us.

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