The 3 Major Weightlifting Events to Be Aware Of

After being first introduced in the Olympics back in the year 1986, weightlifting has been one of the most popular sports around the world. By making their entrance in a lot of sports events, now there are plenty of events dedicated exclusively for weightlifting.

Without further ado, let’s see the most interesting and biggest weightlifting events around the globe the team of Houston IWF gathered, and what makes them so unique and amazing.

World Olympics

olympics - The 3 Major Weightlifting Events to Be Aware Of

We knew that the World Olympics would end up in this list. Being the most important event in sports history and being a crucial part for the union of the different countries around the world. The Olympics bring a lot of interesting and great sport with the best athletes around the world.

With this said, weightlifting has made its entry in these Events and has made a profound change at what we see in the Olympics today. With multiples categories and weights, the bravest athletes from each country face up in this event and compete for a gold medal.

American Open Series

lifting competition - The 3 Major Weightlifting Events to Be Aware Of

With this being a major event in weightlifting, it centers in the continent of America, and with multiple series and a compilation of multiples competitions, we’ll see the best athletes and weightlifters face to qualify for the biggest event in weightlifting.

USA Powerlifting

woman lifting - The 3 Major Weightlifting Events to Be Aware Of

Of course, we can’t talk about the biggest powerlifting events of the world without mentioning the biggest one in America, being focused for an organization committed to eradicating drugs from the sport, and this is one of the most prestigious events for a powerlifting expert.

Host by the famous movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, this event holds the attention of many interested athletes each year.

These major events will keep you at The Edge with their amazing performances and shows of raw energy in each lift they make. Remember these events are perfect to gather some important data if you are a fan of betting.

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