One of the best ways to train and exercise is with CrossFit, which is a system of physical conditioning based on constantly varied exercises, with functional movements, executed at high intensity. These are some necessary resources for people who perform this type of practice.


The main objective of this activity is to maintain a general and inclusive daily lifestyle providing good preparation for trainers and for those who are training.

The ideal thing is to increase the neuroendocrine, boost body power, combining differenttrainings with multiple exercise modalities, train and practice constantly with functional movements and develop successful nutrition strategies. It’s even a great way to prepare to play various sports such as cycling, running, swimming, and more.


Many consider that CrossFit is already a sport but of fitness. That means it’s an activity or practice to exercise where there is no result on the blackboard or screen, simply the motivation to continue.

This fitness sport focuses on performing a variety of exercises focused on isolated movements and extensive aerobic sessions, lateral lifts, push-ups, leg extensions, sit-ups, and many other things.

The movements are composed of cardiovascular sessions of high intensity and short duration, with various other methods so that their resistance and effectiveness increase.


Some of the exercises that are applied in the CrossFit systems are Cycling, running, swimming and rowing, clean and the jerk, snatch, squats, deadlift, push press, bench press, and power cleans, jump, throw and catch with a medicine ball.

Others are dips, push-ups, pull-ups, and handstands, handstand press, pirouettes, kips, cartwheels, muscle-ups, sit-ups, scales and hold, and much more.

Importance of food

Food is very important if you practice CrossFit. It’s advisable to have a diet based on vegetables, meats, nuts, fruits, seeds and absolutely no sugar or carbonated or processed drinks.

Part by part

If you’re going to start in this CrossFit world, you should focus on doing it well so as not to cause any physical damage. When you start something you have never experienced, obviously you cannot do the same effort as a person who has been practicing for 10 years.

So first, focus on starting to increase basic strength to develop more stability in some parts of the body such as back, pelvis, legs and many others, and getting used to the pain of the first weeks.

As you feel more comfortable and stable when performing these types of strength and cardio routines, you can also start practicing squats, which is one of the most important exercises for muscles. And then gradually increase the number of exercises and distribute them wisely to be able to perform at all.

Obviously following what your personal trainer said. CrossFit is a practice with great intensity, where you can progressively improve your physical condition, and overcome any mental or physical limits that you feel or have.